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The following postcards are grouped by type. Prices are postpaid in U.S. Descriptions are guaranteed accurate, but all bulk lots are offered AS IS.

BK-38. Crafts. 30 different. Chrome, unused, G-VG condition. $15.00.

BK-56. Casino/Gambling. 11 different chrome Used and unused . Most VG condition. $10.00.

BK-58. Advertising. 20 different chrome. Most unused, good to VG condition. $21.00.

BK-65. Holiday Inns. 30 different. Chrome, most unused, most G-VG conditon. $18.00.

BK-92. Kewpie's. 21 different. Chrome. Reproductions mostly from the 1970's. $20.00.

BK-120. State Views. Lot of 30 California views. Chrome, almost all unused, most VG-Excellent condition. $15.00.

BK-121. State Views. Lot of 30 Florida views. Linen & chrome, used and unused, most VG condition. $13.00.

BK-122. State Views. Lot of 9 Florida colleges or universities. Chrome, unused, most Excellent condition. $6.00.

BK-123. State Views. Lot of 15 Florida views. Chrome, unused, most Excellent condition. $8.00.

BK-136. National Postcard Week. 14 different. Unused. VG-Excellent condition. $11.00.

BK-139. Ezra Brooks bottles. l6 different, chrome, unused, VG-Excellent condition. $16.00.

BK-140. Schools. 20 different (schools, colleges & universities). Chrome, unused and used, VG-Excellent condition. $13.00.

BK-142. City Halls. 20 different. Chrome, unused, G-EX condition. $13.00.

BK-145. Gift Shops & General Store. 14 different. Chrome. 13 unused, l printed AD on back but not mailed.s VG-EX condition. $8.00.

BK-146. Churches & Chapels. 16 different. Chrome, most unused, G-EX condition. $9.00.

BK-148. Hotels. 21 different. Most chrome, most unused. Most VG-Excellent condition. $18.00.

BK-149. Restaurants. 13 different. Most chrome, 12 unused, 2 used. G-EX condition. $13.00.

BK-150. Libraries. 8 different. 7 Chrome, 1 Linen. Unused, G-EX condition. $4.00.

BK-169. Restaurants. 21 different. Mostly chrome, some linen, used and unused, most VG condition. $18.00.

BK-172. Flowers. 36 different. Orchids, Violets, Pansies, Lily of the Valley, Lillies, Carnations, Daisies, Poppies. All pre-1920. Good to Very Good condition. Used and unused. $15.00.

BK-174. Roses. 20 different. All pre-1920. Used and unused. Good to very good condition. $9.00.

BK-175. Great Britain. 31 different. Tuck Publishers. Country scenes, churches, cottages, colleges, abbeys, street scenes. Unused and Used. Pre-1920. Mostly good to very good condition. 35.00.

BK-176. Castles. 23 different. Castles are from Great Britain and Germany including Tuck, Valentine and Salmon publishers. Some are from original watercolours. Unused and used. Most pre-1920. Mostly good to very good condition. $25.00.

BK-177. Great Britain. 34 different, including Salmon & Valentine publishers. Some postcards are from original watercolours, including artists: WW Quartermain, E. W. Trick, C. Essenhigh Corke. Cathedrals, churches, country scenes, abbeys, castles, colleges, misc. Unused and used. Pre-1920. Most good to very good condition. $35.00.

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BEFORE ORDERING POSTCARDS, PLEASE read our page titled: "How to Order / Conditions of Sale."

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